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Calling on YOU for Snow Storm Photos & Stories

**ALL STORIES AND PHOTOS ACCEPTED - will be awarded 2 free eBooks. 

 It obviously caught most of us off guard. We all have some crazy stories and great photos!

I am overwhelmed at the response on Facebook for submissions so I am adding some details here. 

All entries due by March 31, 2019-

WE NEED YOUR -  entry, and of course your name, phone, email.

Send submissions to - Subject line Storm Photo- or Story-

**ALL STORIES AND PHOTOS ACCEPTED - will be awarded 2 free ebooks. 

Online 2 free per author and photographer even if multiple submissions are accepted. 

Call for stories and quotes

Don't worry about spelling, grammar.

 I am looking for the base story. I will be editing it.  I will be picking a wide range of 'happenings'. 

Send submissions to - Subject line Storm Story- Title if you have one.

All written entries that are accepted will be notified on April 7, 19. To sign disclaimers. 

Call for Photos


WE NEED YOUR- name, phone number, email address. 

PLUS Where, When, Who... and any details.  

Send submissions to - Subject line Storm Photo- Title if you have one-

All photos accepted will be notified on April 7, 19. To sign disclaimers. 

What is an ebook?

EBOOKS - is an online version of the book. We will be publishing on 

If possible we will be creating an actual paper book, but first we need to see what entries we get. 

Portions of the proceeds go back to the community.

Details will be announced at a later date. 

Who Are WE?

Su Stella- Writer, artist.

Curt Harville - Artist photographer

We moved to Oakridge on March 1, 2017. BLOG


Live Your Journey


Traveling is a way of life. It is the curiosity to see what is over the next hill or around the next corner. 

Traveling is something we all crave.

Visit Oregon often.

Curt and I have been traveling the world all of our lives, even long before we met in 1998. 

Being a local tourist


It always amazes me when someone says,

 "I've lived here my whole life but I have never been to...." 

What are you waiting for?  

Plan a day trip. 

Beauty Abounds in Oregon


Very few places compare to the stunning scenery at Crater Lake. 

Any season is the one to visit for a few hours or a few days. 

Be a Traveler



Get out of the house. 

Lane County Covered Bridges


If you love the charm of covered bridges Lane County is the place for you.  Our county has more covered bridges than anywhere else west of the Mississippi River. So make a plan and visit all twenty. 

Light houses


Oregon has eleven lighthouses, nine are official and two are private but certified by the Coast Guard as transportation aids. 

Make a plan to visit all seven that are open to the public. 

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